We could bang on about how great and fabulous Mobile HoseFixers is which we are, and explain all about MDG 41, which is important.

Fact of the matter is, you don’t care. We understand this and we also understand that all that matters to you is that you receive honesty, exceptional service and a reasonable price. This matters just as much to us as we understand, perhaps better than most, that when you call us or visit one of our service centers you have an urgent need. We carry the stock to get you on your way as quickly as possible.

Apart from just hose and fittings, Mobile HoseFixers offers a vast array of other services.

These are:
Counter sales.
Industrial hose, fittings & clamps.
Machining & welding.
Custom fittings & adaptors.
Bulk supply.
Expert advice.
Genuine 24/7.

Service Vehicles

Number of service Vehicles (Victoria) - 6

All service vehicles comprehensivly insured.


Business Insurance

Business insurance with public and product liability of $20 000 000

Insurer - Lloyds of London,

Certificates of currency available on request.